It’s Crunch Time!

Yesterday at 5:33 p.m. I got a text message from my mom. It read:

“5 months today !! Wow !”


Is it bad that wasn’t on my mind all day?

I’d like to say it wasn’t on my mind because I have everything perfectly organized and ready to go. But I don’t. I’m not completely behind, but there are some things I wish to run more smoothly. Save the dates, for example.

I sent my save the dates out in December so they could also be used as a holiday greeting (efficient, I know!) But wow. Was it ever an eye opener. My “ah-hah” moment for the wedding, I guess you could call it. Did you know that you need to figure out the addresses to ALL OF YOUR GUESTS? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Did you know, also, that is not reliable?
So, when two of my friends and I sat down to address them, we quickly decided to save on postage (but not on gas) and deliver a lot of them. This can’t happen with the actual invites (can it?!)

It’s all beginning. Last Saturday I went to register for gifts. More on this later. Jamie and I have an appointment with the caterers this weekend and one with the photographer next weekend. I have narrowed down a few choices for invitations and have put “compile guest addresses” as #1 on my to-do list. You know, when I have spare time (between moving in six weeks and busy season at work).

Don’t get me wrong- I am excited! Our buck n doe is on March 9th! Tickets are in and we are selling! We are getting t-shirts! I have so many decor idea in mind! Can’t wait to start shopping for them.

So much is about to change over the next five months!

I know, it has been slow around here lately. Forgive me! It’s about to pick up. While writing this post I found inspiration for about three more posts. I’m just like Taylor Swift and writing songs when she breaks up with a boy.

Have a great Wednesday.