Save the Dates

According to my wedding timeline, I should be sending save the date reminders at least six months before our wedding. Well, our date is June 22nd, so six months prior is quickly creeping up!

So, I finished mine the other night… And by “finished” I mean, I made them myself. See, part of my post-grad program was graphic design and I haven’t been able to use the skills I learned as much as I want to in my current job. So, I thought I might as well!

This was such a fun project for me and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Sure, there are sites you can go to such as wedding paper divas to design your save the dates and invitations, but I chose to do it my own way. And it didn’t take long at all!


At one point a thought crossed through my mind… Are save the dates a waste of money?

They are traditional, sure.

Do we sometimes get caught up in following tradition before thinking about what is practical? Wouldn’t sending out a Facebook message or an email be even more efficient?

Also, I am not sure if there is anyone we intend to invite who doesn’t know the date of our wedding!

Perhaps they are more useful if you have a lot of out of town guests?

In the end, I designed mine, emailed them to Staples and they are printing as we speak. I guess I got wrapped up in a fun project and tradition.

I guess I could show you what I designed, but then I’d really be wasting money if anyone saw it who is getting it in the mail. Promise I will do it on a later date!