Gift Registry

Well, the wedding savings bank account is slowly but surely depleting. Crunch time also means putting deposits on any service we wish to incorporate in the wedding.
BUT I made the gift registry which was fun and cost-effective!

It really was the ultimate shopping experience. I have to admit, I have a shopping problem. So, by creating a gift registry, I was able to feed my addiction while not spending money and do it in style! (The scanner guns they give you to use are pretty fun to work).

Jamie opted out of coming, so I brought my mom and sister along with me. We worked quick and were done within two hours. I was so happy to have them there with me, since thinking of every little thing you might need throughout marriage is a daunting task.

For example, my sister, whom was married last summer, suggested I go through each room in my house beforehand to brainstorm what I might need. Sounds practical.

So, I started out in the bedroom. Easy. Bathroom. Easy… but by the time I got to the kitchen I felt lost. Will I need baking utensils? Of course? But what’s that one thing called? And that other doohickey… So, like a true product of my generation I took to Google. This is what I found:

The Knot Registry

Real Simple Registry

Amazing. Of course! Someone has already blogged about it. I ended up comparing the two and compiling one taking some from each, and working from there. It was easy and efficient. Just what I like.

Stick to the List!

I recently went to a bridal shower and it got me thinking about giving. We’re getting close now- the holiday season will be among us soon- so even if you’re not involved in bridal showers, we will all be giving something in some way, soon.

A couple of things I noted…

Did they give you a list? Is there a registry? If so, stick to it!

Every person has different taste. I’m not even fond of buying my closest friends and family household decor or clothing because I get nervous in the last second that they won’t like one small detail about the item I bought, and then what are they to do? Some may say gift registries are tacky, but really, what better way to get the best bang for your buck?

I have heard about some couples feeling awkward registering for gifts. Is this you?

Yes, it sure does cut to the point… Yes, you might feel weird sending an “I want this, I want that” kind of message out to friends and family, but can you imagine having ten different styles of dinner plates in your cupboard? Friends and family are going to buy you something anyway. A wedding is a point in life that signifies a new beginning. Those who love and support you want to help you out. They want to send you in to marriage happy. So let them.

 And if you don’t register, or give any indication to what your style is, you are left accommodating everyone else’s taste in your own house. Good luck with that.

The only exception I will give on this subject is, if you have a family heirloom you want to pass down to the bride-to-be. That, my friends, is a different story because in this situation, we are talking about a sentimental gift. Okay, sentimental gifts in general are the only exception.

 Here’s a few links to helpful registry websites: