Where would we (I) be without Pinterest?

You see, our wedding is going to be outside, on a farm, in a tent. I am my own decorator, save the florist and a friend who told me she would help out. So maybe this topic is way too subjective. In my childhood dreams I always pictured myself being married outside, so that is what I/Jamie decided to do.

I completely agree (and some days envy) with anyone who has/had a wedding in a venue with a wedding planner or decorator. There would be so much stress lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes it does seem like the grass is greener on the other side.  But I tell ya, I am finding myself more and more creative than ever before with the development of Pinterest (insert comment about not really being creative or original here).

I actually had a mild anxiety attack (okay, not really) about whether I would actually be able to pull off the awesome decoration I am seeing in all of these photos.

Not only is it helping with creativity, I also feel so much more organized and efficient since I can automatically save a pin to my phone, email it to myself and my friend decorator and use it on my “secret board”. If only I could show you the piles and piles of photos I have been saving! But I won’t- the wedding décor needs to be a surprise.

So thank you, Pinterest, for getting me through my work lunch hours by your addictive nature.