It takes a village to raise a child

“It takes a village to raise a child”


The Buck and Doe:

Some people might think it is tacky; holding a ‘fundraiser’ for a wedding.

I understand this. But, there is so much more to it.

Where I come from, it is common for people who are getting married to have a buck n’ doe before the wedding. A community hall is rented, booze is purchased, games are played and everybody hits the dance floor.

I know, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

In a community like mine, however, this is what we do. It is the way we do things. We show support for one another. The best thing about this is, people you have grown up with, have gone to school with, played sports with, from any point in life want to come out and support you. It’s truly astonishing.

Not many other communities have buck n’ does like my community. This past Saturday, Five hundred people came out to support Jamie and I. How amazing is that? Five hundred people. People who know they won’t be able to show us their support at the wedding. People who, because they know us, know our families and our friends, want to show their support as we enter marriage.

That’s what buck n’ does are all about. So sure, some people may think they are tacky and they might not be for everyone. You think your community has spirit? Come out with me on a Saturday night in the months of February to June and you will see your community has nothing on mine!

I am so grateful and proud to come from a community like this and to know there are people in this world that show their support for me as I enter the next stage in life!



We took a break


Last weekend was a long weekend. We could have spent the extra time meeting with all of the people we need to coordinate to make our day happen… Instead, we chose to get away.

I didn’t take anything wedding related with me.

I barely even spoke about the wedding!

We had a few drinks.

We had a lovely meal.

We spent two hours in stop-and-go traffic talking about anything under the sun.

We went on an adventure.

We rested.

All in all, we reconnected.

 It’s so easy to get caught up in the day by day (everyone knows this by now), so it was nice to have the opportunity to disconnect from the world. That’s what we did. We were in a place with no cell phone reception. It was amazing.

When planning a large event like a wedding or a move (Jamie and I are tackling both right now) it is also easy to create a rift between two people. Getting caught up in the nitty-gritty could cause you more stress than you ever imagined. I was able to look at Jamie, my best friend, in a light that isn’t always visible when concentrating on getting by day-to-day.  It was refreshing!

I encourage anyone, at any time in their marriage or relationship to partake in a break… but not the kind where you part from one another J

Gift Registry

Well, the wedding savings bank account is slowly but surely depleting. Crunch time also means putting deposits on any service we wish to incorporate in the wedding.
BUT I made the gift registry which was fun and cost-effective!

It really was the ultimate shopping experience. I have to admit, I have a shopping problem. So, by creating a gift registry, I was able to feed my addiction while not spending money and do it in style! (The scanner guns they give you to use are pretty fun to work).

Jamie opted out of coming, so I brought my mom and sister along with me. We worked quick and were done within two hours. I was so happy to have them there with me, since thinking of every little thing you might need throughout marriage is a daunting task.

For example, my sister, whom was married last summer, suggested I go through each room in my house beforehand to brainstorm what I might need. Sounds practical.

So, I started out in the bedroom. Easy. Bathroom. Easy… but by the time I got to the kitchen I felt lost. Will I need baking utensils? Of course? But what’s that one thing called? And that other doohickey… So, like a true product of my generation I took to Google. This is what I found:

The Knot Registry

Real Simple Registry

Amazing. Of course! Someone has already blogged about it. I ended up comparing the two and compiling one taking some from each, and working from there. It was easy and efficient. Just what I like.

It’s Crunch Time!

Yesterday at 5:33 p.m. I got a text message from my mom. It read:

“5 months today !! Wow !”


Is it bad that wasn’t on my mind all day?

I’d like to say it wasn’t on my mind because I have everything perfectly organized and ready to go. But I don’t. I’m not completely behind, but there are some things I wish to run more smoothly. Save the dates, for example.

I sent my save the dates out in December so they could also be used as a holiday greeting (efficient, I know!) But wow. Was it ever an eye opener. My “ah-hah” moment for the wedding, I guess you could call it. Did you know that you need to figure out the addresses to ALL OF YOUR GUESTS? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Did you know, also, that is not reliable?
So, when two of my friends and I sat down to address them, we quickly decided to save on postage (but not on gas) and deliver a lot of them. This can’t happen with the actual invites (can it?!)

It’s all beginning. Last Saturday I went to register for gifts. More on this later. Jamie and I have an appointment with the caterers this weekend and one with the photographer next weekend. I have narrowed down a few choices for invitations and have put “compile guest addresses” as #1 on my to-do list. You know, when I have spare time (between moving in six weeks and busy season at work).

Don’t get me wrong- I am excited! Our buck n doe is on March 9th! Tickets are in and we are selling! We are getting t-shirts! I have so many decor idea in mind! Can’t wait to start shopping for them.

So much is about to change over the next five months!

I know, it has been slow around here lately. Forgive me! It’s about to pick up. While writing this post I found inspiration for about three more posts. I’m just like Taylor Swift and writing songs when she breaks up with a boy.

Have a great Wednesday.



Save the Dates

According to my wedding timeline, I should be sending save the date reminders at least six months before our wedding. Well, our date is June 22nd, so six months prior is quickly creeping up!

So, I finished mine the other night… And by “finished” I mean, I made them myself. See, part of my post-grad program was graphic design and I haven’t been able to use the skills I learned as much as I want to in my current job. So, I thought I might as well!

This was such a fun project for me and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Sure, there are sites you can go to such as wedding paper divas to design your save the dates and invitations, but I chose to do it my own way. And it didn’t take long at all!


At one point a thought crossed through my mind… Are save the dates a waste of money?

They are traditional, sure.

Do we sometimes get caught up in following tradition before thinking about what is practical? Wouldn’t sending out a Facebook message or an email be even more efficient?

Also, I am not sure if there is anyone we intend to invite who doesn’t know the date of our wedding!

Perhaps they are more useful if you have a lot of out of town guests?

In the end, I designed mine, emailed them to Staples and they are printing as we speak. I guess I got wrapped up in a fun project and tradition.

I guess I could show you what I designed, but then I’d really be wasting money if anyone saw it who is getting it in the mail. Promise I will do it on a later date!

Where would we (I) be without Pinterest?

You see, our wedding is going to be outside, on a farm, in a tent. I am my own decorator, save the florist and a friend who told me she would help out. So maybe this topic is way too subjective. In my childhood dreams I always pictured myself being married outside, so that is what I/Jamie decided to do.

I completely agree (and some days envy) with anyone who has/had a wedding in a venue with a wedding planner or decorator. There would be so much stress lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes it does seem like the grass is greener on the other side.  But I tell ya, I am finding myself more and more creative than ever before with the development of Pinterest (insert comment about not really being creative or original here).

I actually had a mild anxiety attack (okay, not really) about whether I would actually be able to pull off the awesome decoration I am seeing in all of these photos.

Not only is it helping with creativity, I also feel so much more organized and efficient since I can automatically save a pin to my phone, email it to myself and my friend decorator and use it on my “secret board”. If only I could show you the piles and piles of photos I have been saving! But I won’t- the wedding décor needs to be a surprise.

So thank you, Pinterest, for getting me through my work lunch hours by your addictive nature.