Welcome to Celebride.

Tracy Piett lives in Woodstock, Ontario with her fiancé Jamie and their one-year old Alaskan Malamute, Rookie. In her mid-twenties, Tracy has noticed herself settling in to a new stage of life, as she has attended multiple weddings over the last few years. With her own wedding setting upon the horizon, she noticed she has many thoughts, ideas, and stories to share.

Tracy achieved her HBA in Communication Studies and English from Wilfrid Laurier University and holds a post-graduate diploma in Corporate Communications and Public Relations from Fanshawe College.

Her knack of observing and discussing, and for lack of a better phrase, picking apart customs, traditions and happenings comes from her educational training, and in no way is meant to criticize those who engage in such.

This blog is written from Tracy’s opinion (as most are) and she hopes to help you to plan and celebrate your big day as well as make you think, enlighten you with refreshing ideas, and even entertain you with the topics she chooses to discuss.



2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks Kayla! (I’m trying… lol) but it’s great to have this outlet.

      I started following you on Instagram- will have to follow you on wordpress too. Looks like you have lots of amazing and exciting things going on! Hope all is well.


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