It takes a village to raise a child

“It takes a village to raise a child”


The Buck and Doe:

Some people might think it is tacky; holding a ‘fundraiser’ for a wedding.

I understand this. But, there is so much more to it.

Where I come from, it is common for people who are getting married to have a buck n’ doe before the wedding. A community hall is rented, booze is purchased, games are played and everybody hits the dance floor.

I know, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

In a community like mine, however, this is what we do. It is the way we do things. We show support for one another. The best thing about this is, people you have grown up with, have gone to school with, played sports with, from any point in life want to come out and support you. It’s truly astonishing.

Not many other communities have buck n’ does like my community. This past Saturday, Five hundred people came out to support Jamie and I. How amazing is that? Five hundred people. People who know they won’t be able to show us their support at the wedding. People who, because they know us, know our families and our friends, want to show their support as we enter marriage.

That’s what buck n’ does are all about. So sure, some people may think they are tacky and they might not be for everyone. You think your community has spirit? Come out with me on a Saturday night in the months of February to June and you will see your community has nothing on mine!

I am so grateful and proud to come from a community like this and to know there are people in this world that show their support for me as I enter the next stage in life!



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