Gift Registry- Theory

Theory of gift registry= bizarre.


A managed registry system has several goals.

1. It facilitates communication between gift givers and receivers. Recipients can compile a gift registry and make it available to anyone who will present them with a gift. Gift givers can then be certain that they are purchasing items that the receiver will appreciate.

2. A registry can prevent gift givers from duplicating gifts when it is managed efficiently. To accomplish this, the retailer should remove each item from the registry as it is purchased.

3. The registry process should allow gift purchasers to be discreet about what they have bought. This is so the person receiving the gifts will not know who purchased which items until they are surprised at the time of gift giving.
4. The registry system should benefit the retailer by bringing customers to their store where they can purchase products that the merchant carries

When you really ponder the idea and theory behind the practice of registering for gifts it can seem a bit… tacky. Non?

You make a wish list, let people know where to find said list, and ask them to buy you gifts. Yes, it’s a little bizarre.

I think this discourages some brides, but really every bride should shove that thought to the back of their mind. For the practical bride, the gift registry is a Godsend. minimizing the occurrence of duplicating gifts? Allowing people to buy you something you want? Amazing! Also, when is the next time you can make a wish list (much like a Christmas list)in this life?!

I know when I have to buy someone a gift for any occasion, I get nervous. It’s easy to buy a friend a gift when you are in grade seven because you are still the same person. We all grow up. We change and create our own styles. The last thing you want is for someone to buy you a household furnishing in their style and not yours. You also want to spare your friends and family the stress of buying you a gift you potentially won’t like.

I registered at The Bay. It was practical for me to choose The Bay  because I could easily go there to register, and our wedding guests can easily go there to purchase a gift or buy online. Plus, after much discussion, I believe The Bay must have a monopoly on gift registries. Good for them.

However, if you’re looking for something different, check out this article my friend sent me. It has neat ideas for anyone who wants something different from the traditional registry

The Registry Rebellion

Well, that’s all for today! I hope this has helped you kill/waste time online 🙂



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