Where would we (I) be without Pinterest?

You see, our wedding is going to be outside, on a farm, in a tent. I am my own decorator, save the florist and a friend who told me she would help out. So maybe this topic is way too subjective. In my childhood dreams I always pictured myself being married outside, so that is what I/Jamie decided to do.

I completely agree (and some days envy) with anyone who has/had a wedding in a venue with a wedding planner or decorator. There would be so much stress lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes it does seem like the grass is greener on the other side.  But I tell ya, I am finding myself more and more creative than ever before with the development of Pinterest (insert comment about not really being creative or original here).

I actually had a mild anxiety attack (okay, not really) about whether I would actually be able to pull off the awesome decoration I am seeing in all of these photos.

Not only is it helping with creativity, I also feel so much more organized and efficient since I can automatically save a pin to my phone, email it to myself and my friend decorator and use it on my “secret board”. If only I could show you the piles and piles of photos I have been saving! But I won’t- the wedding décor needs to be a surprise.

So thank you, Pinterest, for getting me through my work lunch hours by your addictive nature.


Two lessons learned

Hi friends, sorry for the delay this week. I was away late last week until Monday so it took me a few to get back in the swing of things!

I’m learning two more lessons on the way to June 22nd (wedding day)…

Perseverance – not every phone call will be successful. You might not always see eye to eye with your fiancé, your florist, a photographer… You might have to make two, three, four calls to one caterer and one, two or three emails to another in order to
a) get in touch with them in the first place b) discuss their menu items, and c) negotiate pricing.

This is one of the most frustrating things, however, shopping around for the companies and people who will make your day the way you want it to the best of their ability, really pays off. After what seems like a two month process, I think we have found our caterer!

Organization – in the process of planning a wedding, this is a must-have personal trait. So many people and factors need to align in order to pull off one event, so no matter how organized you are, I’m not sure if you ever feel like you are on top of things. So, am I a crazy control freak if I have started a wedding binder? I felt the need to have a place to go and find, well… everything. Reminder notes, contact numbers, ideas, etc. When it comes to event planning, you can never be too organized.